Nursing Home Care

For close people we are all ready to do anything. But, unfortunately, sometimes there is simply no possibility to be near your close people – work and crazy pace of modern life take away all our time. But what if a close person is sick and needs constant and special care, which, with the best will in the world, can not be provided by unskilled person? Then My Canadian Pharmacy recommends┬áto look for a good nurse.

A nurse is a specialist with a medical education who knows all the nuances of home care for sick people, who will take on the entire list of duties. Professional services of a nurse include not only monitoring timely taking of pills, ensuring clean bed linen, but also helping with walking, preventing possible bedsores, helping with meals and other necessary procedures for patient. In the hospital, such specialist treats patient with utmost care, because he only deals with one person, unlike nurses, who rush about filled rooms.

A Nurse is One of the Oldest Professions

A nurse is one of the oldest professions, which has not lost its relevance, despite current sky-high level of medical science and practice. Only good care of patients contributes to favorable course of the disease, relief of suffering and can give a chance for recovery. Yes, in current conditions, high-quality nurses are still in demand and are in great deficit.

My Canadian Pharmacy has a list of mandatory requirements for a good nurse. Firstly: a good nurse is a born psychologist, gifted with a talent for caring for sick people. Secondly: nurse is a competent and experienced specialist. Thirdly: she must inspire people to believe in themselves, in their own strengths, be optimistic, considerate, friendly and therefore positively influence psyche of patient.

A nurse is a person to whom a patient can speak out. But a nurse is not a chatty neighbor next door. A good nurse is a real professional. Personnel agencies, as a rule, have their own methods of selecting candidates. The main points of tests are psychological stability, low anxiety threshold, tolerance, knowledge of standards of cleanliness and ability to clean the house properly and quickly. The nurse must know etiquette, basics of psychology, how to dress, serve the table and maintain conversation.

Presence of medical practice in the nurse experience, for example, ability to make an injection, is welcomed, but not mandatory. Although ordinary hygienic care for elderly person is mandatory requirement for candidate. If all requirements are met, then it’s worth paying attention to nuances: you can choose a nurse with knowledge of art history, literature, cinema, floriculture, beekeeping, pet lover. According to My Canadian Pharmacy, truly religious nurses are especially appreciated.