Advancing Excellence

The Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care is happy to be included in the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign (Advancing Excellence), which provides help to professional nursing and rehabilitation centers to achieve excellence in quality of care and life for millions of their patients and residents throughout the country by making measures to improve infrastructure of the profession, enhance workforce and increase clinical and organizational results.

Created in 2006, Advancing Excellence was planned as a two year initiative to take some measures to improve quality of professional care in skilled nursing facilities in America; however, after successes and positive reviews, the campaign continued its work and has grown into a strong foundation of participants, achievements and resources. Today, Advancing Excellence is a great union of more than 7 000 nursing facilities that are achieving great successes in improving quality of lives of patients, residents and staff. My Canadian Pharmacy statistics have shown that professional nursing and rehabilitation centers that participated in the campaign and set goals and work targets have made greater quality improvements compared to overall nation’s performance.

Advancing Excellence provides its coalition members with valuable tools and resources such as Webinars and teleconferences that are organized and developed by leaders and experts within long-term care community that help facilities to better educate their staff and improve overall quality of care that they provide. Through use of evidence-based resources and best practices, participating facilities are experiencing measurable improvements in areas such as high risk pressure ulcers, physical restraints and post-acute care pain.

Advancing Excellence recently launched “Phase 2” of the Campaign at which time coalition members set new targets for their organizational goals in key quality areas including staff turnover, advance care planning and resident satisfaction. Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care remains committed to achieving excellence in patient care.