Long-Stay Residents with More Medically-Complex Conditions

Average Period of Stay: 385 days

Patients with limitations of ADL 3+: 75%
(such activities as dressing, toileting, bathing and other low-intensity services)

Male: 31%
Female: 69%

Professional nursing facilities provide care for long-term care patients that have such chronic conditions as disabilities, cognitive impairments or other ailments. Many long-term patients are accepted from community because their health has worsened to such an extent when health care facility is a safer and better alternative to home and nursing care is necessary to be provided around-the-clock. Long-term patients in general require greater help with activities of daily life, besides therapy and nursing services, such as occupational therapy, medication management and behavioral health services.

My Canadian Pharmacy reminds that average duration of stay of resident population is declining, with average period of stay among all patients lasting now less than 150 days.

Primary Payer – Medicaid