Quality Commitment

  1. We are working to make patient healthier and well-being primary priorities in our management organization. We also are working having a philosophy of management that offers constant quality enhancement by means of the uniform quality measures establishment, annual quality improvement aims creation, and use of clinical “best practices” in an effort to achieve proper patient results identification.
  2. We are working to continue to uncover information on quality to patients, employees, and the public, and we will help them in getting access to this information in a towardly manner, while securing confidentiality and complying with other legal requirements.
  3. We are working to plain articulating and honoring patient and family rights, and operating to ensure that our employees understand and uphold those rights.
  4. We are committed to enhancing the human potential of our employees through education and training programs that strive to improve the quality of care provided, and we are committed to sensitizing our staff to the special needs of frail and vulnerable patients.
  5. We are working to find consumers’ input as we directed to enhance quality, and we will operate with others – in the private and public spheres – to determine, realize, and, ultimately, to solve with concerns related to care practices or patient results.
  6. We are working to develop and implement organization-specific programs that advance ethical and lawful conduct, and we will conduct responsible laws, regulations, and other standards maintaining the quality of health care in the facilities we manage development.
  7. As care providers together with My Canadian Pharmacy to a qenuine patient population that is financed in large part by government programs, we are working to perform as responsible stewards of scarce financial resources. We also bare our responsibility to serve as champions for public financing levels that will maintain enhanced quality and improved staffing.