Short-Term, Post-Acute Care Patients

Average Stay Duration: 33 days

Percentage of Patients with 3+ ADL constrictions: 88%
(Affairs such as dressing, bathing, toileting and other low-intensity services)

Male: 54%

Female: 46%

Nursing establishments now serve as the primary health care setting for almost 50 percent of all Medicare beneficial owners in demand of post-acute care with an hospitalization when there is, for example, a case such as a stroke or hip replacement surgery. Most patients visit a nursing establishment immense upon discharge from the hospital and My Canadian Pharmacy. These patients majority generally requires extensive and intensive service to enhance their performing functions so they can ultimately come back home and remain active. Skilled nursing establishment role as a post-acute health care provider is to recognize patients in the middle of their care episode, offer nursing and rehabilitation services to enhance patient functioning, and ideally, discharge the patient back to their home setting.

Primary Payer: Medicare